How To Order

Ordering your Products at Hunters4Life Online is easy!
Browse through our catalogs and click on the Product you want to order.

  1. Click “Select Options”. This will take you to the specific Products’ page.
  2. Than you choose Products’ size. By clicking on ‘Choose an Option‘, and than choose the size that you are comfortable
  3. On the same page, enter how many orders you want under Availability. And than Click Add to cart.
  4. This will popup a side part, Choose options View Cart, Checkout or Continue Shopping.
  5. Click View Cart to check your current selections, or go back to the catalogs to look at other products.
  6. Clicking the View Cart takes you to the Cart screen. On the Cart screen, enter your coupon code – for discounts – if you have any.
  7. Under Calculate Shipping, choose your country of destination. Then enter your State or Province. Lastly, apply your Zip Code.
  8. Your Order Total is displayed on the right. Click “Proceed to Checkout” for payment.
  9. As a new customer, you have two options: Checkout as a Guest, or Create New Account. Creating a new account allows you to retrieve your information quickly for succeeding orders, and will have the chance for a Tracking Number.
  10. As a returning customer with a user account, enter your username or email and password at the Login portion of the screen.
  11. Enter your billing and shipping details. If you are a returning customer, entering your login information will automatically fill in your billing and shipping details.
  12. Your Payment method is only supporting Paypal or PayPal Express. That means either you are:
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    1. a Paypal user. You know what to do…
    2. Use a Bank Account. Fill all the parts. Banks systems cover
  13. Once all the information is complete, click I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *. If you should read the Terms and Conditions.
  14. Once all the information is complete, click Place Order.
  15. You will receive a confirmation email for your order. It will contain valuable information such as your payment amount, and expected date of delivery, among others. Do keep this on file for future references.

Other important information:
You will can Choose to send the package to a different Address.
As always, the Hunters 4 Life Online team is available from 9a.m. till 7 p.m. (Cyprus Time) to answer your questions or clarifications. Just give us a call or email and we will be with you shortly.